The mobile app for artists

Control your inventory, manage your website and social presence, and safely accept credit card payments all from Marcel.

What Marcel can do for you

Create and manage your online presence

Make a website, promote yourself on social, and manage inbound inquiries

Set up a shop and accept credit cards

Make you artwork available to the world and accept commission-free payments from your clients

Get and stay organized

Create collections, manage themes in your work, and build up your artwork details.

Get online
and start

Once you have artworks added to your portfolio, we’ll give you a quick template to create an artist-specific website that displays you and your work in the way that you want to - without needing to know a line of code.

Keep your

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could tell your existing audience what you’re up to: a new series, a flash sale of editions - without setting up a custom newsletter or working in Photoshop to get your Instagram post just right?


Getting your artwork into the digital universe can be time-consuming. And updating it? Forget about it. With Marcel, you simply select the artworks you want to publish, choose which types of artwork details to include, and Marcel will generate a website for you. If you have 30 seconds, we’ll give you a website to point your audience to.

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We’re here to help you go pro. With Marcel, you can create a website, keep your audience up to date, and manage your portfolio in minutes.